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My Work

This page shows just a fraction of my work. More can be found on my YouTube channel. There is a link below to see more of my video work. It includes full promotional videos, transitions, intros, outros and much more. 


Facebook Advertising

This video was used to tell people that Facebook video advertising works better than advertising without video.


Spring Guided Meditation Event

This is a video ad I did for a client that wanted to increase attendance to her event. 

Reset Rescue Homepage


Reset Rescue Website

I have built three websites for this amazing entrepreneur. This particular one is for life coaching.

Visit the site here:


Be Sure Testing Website

Be sure testing is a drug and alcohol testing company in Pennsylvania. They go to the clients. The clients don't need to go to them. 

Be Sure Testing
The Anchor Inn


The Anchor Inn website

The best dive bar on Anna Maria Island. Open 24/7, 365. The Anchor in is known for it's long hours, great drinks and alway a smiling staff member! 

Visit their site here: 


Mimosa Special Promo Video

I developed this video for a Liquor Store that was having a weekend only Mimosa special. We published it on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Real Estate Video

I built this video for a friend of mine to promote the sale of her home on social media channels. 

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