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Video Ad Packages

Introducing our monthly video ad packages at Get Known Media, where you can save thousands of dollars compared to purchasing videos individually. Each package includes a customized monthly content calendar with detailed descriptions of each video ad, ensuring your marketing strategy is always on point. Video marketing is crucial in today's digital landscape, with 90% of marketers reporting it boosts their ROI and 87% saying it generates more leads and sales. By incorporating video into your marketing strategy, your business can experience conversion rates 34% higher than those without video content, driving more engagement and sales. Get started with us and watch your brand recognition and customer base grow exponentially.

For more details, check out these impactful video marketing statistics on WebFX​ (WebFX)​.


Creating a video ad through an agency can be costly, typically ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per minute of finished video. These costs cover professional equipment, skilled editing, and high production values, ensuring that your ad stands out in a crowded digital landscape. However, at Get Known Media, our video packages can save you thousands of dollars. By offering comprehensive packages that bundle multiple videos, we provide exceptional value without compromising on quality, making professional video advertising more accessible and affordable for your business. 

Do it yourself:

Hiring a professional video editor for your social media ads offers numerous advantages, such as ensuring high-quality, polished content that effectively engages your audience. Professional editors come equipped with advanced tools and expertise, allowing them to handle all stages of production—from scripting and shooting to editing and final touches—saving you time and effort. Their experience in creating visually appealing and strategically effective videos can significantly enhance your brand’s image and drive better ROI, making the investment worthwhile.

Conversely, trying to create videos on your own can lead to several disadvantages. Without professional skills and equipment, your videos might lack the quality and finesse needed to capture and hold viewers' attention. The DIY approach often results in videos that are less engaging and less effective at conveying your brand's message. Additionally, the time and effort required to produce even basic videos can be substantial, diverting your focus from other critical business activities. For more insights, check out [Hoover Heights Media]

* Turnaround time is the amount of time to prepare the monthly calendar and create one week of videos.

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